Practices 3 – Four Weeks to Freedom


ON-THE-MAT PRACTICES: Each day, alternate between performing the Recognition Sequence and the Intentional Restoration meditation. Use the audio recordings below, and practice five times this week. For the Recognition Sequence learning videos, visit the Learning Resource Section. 

OFF-THE-MAT PRACTICES: Utilize the Freedom Journal below to weave your intention and practices into daily life. Use daily.

In addition to the resources below, see the Learning Resource Section for additional support materials including videos of both versions of the Recognition Sequence as well as the 21-video posture guide. Need help? Contact us at

Recognition Sequence

Use the Recognition Sequence audio recording to perform the sequence once every other day to conduct the following Psychological Resistance brain-training experiment.

IMPORTANT: If possible, use the Full Sequence as it has the embedded NOTE Experiment for this Module.

NOTICE the tendency to resist what’s happening now with that single repetitive thought: “This should not be like this.”

As you move through the recognition sequence, you’ll come up against a variety of experiences that you may be convinced

should be different from how they are: “My hamstrings shouldn’t be so tight.” “I should be able to balance better than this.”

“This sequence is taking forever.”

OBSERVE how your mind’s resistance to what’s happening now has no effect on what’s happening now, at

least for this moment, BUT it does actually make you feel worse.

All the complaining, criticism, and frustration in the world can have no effect on what you’re experiencing in this moment, but your mind’s resistance to it does add optional suffering in the form of agitation, frustration, impatience, and other triggering emotions on top of it.

Watch and see.

TRY “Relaxing with” this moment by giving what’s happening now your full permission to be as it is.

Give your hamstrings permission to be tight. Give yourself permission to be a horrible balancer. Give the sequence permission

to take its sweet time. Make space for what’s happening now.

EXPERIENCE the resulting improvement of your experience of the very same circumstances.

When we make space for what’s happening now, it doesn’t change what’s happening now, but it does change our experience

of it. Where before there was irritation, frustration, or anger, now there’s more okay-ness with the moment.

Intentional Restoration

Perform the Intentional Restoration guided relaxation session every other day (alternating with the Recognition Sequence).

Freedom Journal

Use this fill-in-the-blank journal to help you integrate your learnings and exercises into your daily life. Complete the morning section before you start your day; the evening section before bed.