Practices 1 – Four Weeks to Freedom


ON-THE-MAT PRACTICES: Each day, alternate between performing the Recognition Sequence and the Intentional Restoration meditation.

Carefully read the instructions below and then use provided audio recordings to practice five times this week.

For help with the Recognition Sequence postures, visit the Learning Resource Section to watch the Recognition Sequence Videos and access the 21-video Video Posture Guide.

OFF-THE-MAT PRACTICES: Utilize the Freedom Journal below to weave your intention and practices into daily life. Use daily.

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Recognition Sequence

The Recognition Sequence is a customized series of yoga postures designed to calm the nervous system. Use the Recognition Sequence audio recording to perform the sequence once every other day to calm the nervous system in preparation for our upcoming brain-training practices.

IMPORTANT: If you’re new to yoga or are significantly out of shape, practice using the Mini Sequence until you are comfortable with the postures. Remember to be gentle with yourself and visit the Learning Resource section for more guidance. Still have questions, shoot us a note at We’re here for you!

Intentional Restoration

Intentional Restoration is a guided relaxation session based upon the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. Performed lying down, this practice will powerfully reset both body and mind to their natural relaxed balance.

Freedom Journal

Use this fill-in-the-blank journal to help you integrate your learnings and exercises into your daily life. Complete the morning section before you start your day; the evening section before bed.